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We Provide Professional, Secure, End-to-End Traceability Solutions

Discover unparalleled solutions for end-to-end traceability at Additive Marking GmbH. Our sophisticated Additive Marking Suite integrates software modules to create a seamless connection between physical parts and their digital twins.

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Generate all types of unique markings - according to your needs

With precision and efficiency, we facilitate the generation, physical
embedding, and digital connection of markings for every component –
regardless of manufacturing type.

The unique markings we generate, and then integrate into components
allow them to be identified throughout the product lifecycle.

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Utilize our platform to streamline your customer ordering process and efficiently manage your production workflow. Optionally, include direct part markings to enhance end-to-end component traceability in your manufacturing process.

Transition from cumbersome physical inventory to an instantly accessible digital product portfolio. Create and manage digital twins of your parts, optimize product design for Additive Manufacturing, and store your parts in a virtual environment.

Direct part markings and physical labels serve as tangible markers for identification, providing a secure and efficient means of tracking components throughout the product lifecycle. Digital fingerprints add significant value by supporting quality control, streamlining production management, and offering a means to verify authentic components.

Develop a digital profile for your parts to access a comprehensive and easily accessible digital record of a product’s lifecycle – from sustainability reporting to part authentication. With enhanced transparency, manufacturers can trace the history of components, as well as log maintenance, repairs, and upgrades to optimize product lifecycle management.

With our DPM Scan Pro, our in-house application for decoding machine-readable codes, we ensure accurate and rapid identification of components. This app-based solution with open interfaces enhances accessibility and integration, enabling seamless connectivity with various systems, promoting versatility, and interoperability with ERP and other systems.

We are ISO 9001 certified

Our services increase customer trust and enhance organisational efficiency; with traceable parts, customers are assured that the product they are receiving complies with industry standards. Of course our processes are up to standard as well, so that we provide services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

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