Order Module

Additive Manufacturing workflows require specialised digital tools to enable effective order management. With the Additive Marking Order Module, customer orders can be managed from part upload through to serialization, dispatch and reordering, providing seamless connectivity throughout the entire production process. With an intuitive layout and connectivity possible to both the Additive Marking Suite and third-party software, our Order Module is designed to benefit customers operating in both B2B and B2C.

TrustCenter (Service-Provider) Dashboard

The Service-Provider dashboard, connected to our TrustCenter, enables the manufacturer to manage the complete order process. Lists of available manufacturing processes, material types and colours and other custom fields can be set and made available to the customer via this interface. Direct Part Markings for End-to-End traceability can also be defined and applied to digital files via this dashboard.

Customer Dashboard

Via this dashboard, customers can upload their digital files and customise their order. Shipping and billing information can be inputted, order volume of parts set, and the option of integrating a direct part marking also selected.

An Integrated Solution for Customers and Manufacturers

Our Order Module is designed to add value to both the manufacturer’s production workflow and the customer’s finished product. Our Order module provides both essential ordering capabilities as well as other functions specific to Additive Manufacturing workflows:

  • Format shipping labels, billing addresses and other necessary order information.
  • Define custom fields: customise order options such as manufacturing method, material type, material colour and more.
  • Upload parts via a portal, specify order requirements and order volume.
  • Direct Part Markings for End-to-End traceability can also be defined and applied via the Order Module.