Markings - Individual and fully automatized

We offer automatic and individual labeling of your digital product data according to your needs.

Markierte Bauteile

Automatic marking

We offer software solutions to integrate individual markings into your digital product data. The markings are automatically generated based on lists, rules or connections to third-party tools, such as ERP software. This makes the solution usable for any batch size and independent of the complexity of the component.

The component markings are generated directly during the manufacturing process and are created without increasing manufacturing costs or production time.

Customized marking

Our software enables you to design markings according to your industry- and company-specific requirements and wishes. For example, you can create alphanumeric and machine-readable codes, use texts in Braille and apply trademarks and logos.

At the same time, you are also free in the placement of the markings: they can be embossed, embossed and even placed invisibly under the surface.

Individually marked construction files are then immediately ready for print preparation or can be further processed in common tools.


How we improve the AM process

Normally, product marking is done after the production process. This requires additional manual effort in addition to the low level of automation of the AM process chain, which is associated with the risk of errors, e.g. mix-ups.

The new way of labeling parts to be printed using 3D printing is integrated into the production process itself, since the labeling is already automated in the digital product data. This eliminates manual handling processes that directly lead to changes in cost curves.

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Branches that use our solution


Transport and traffic

The transport industry traditionally places very high demands on its components. Each one is rigorously tested and certified until it can be used in passenger transport. Our solution supports this process and accelerates it.



In the automotive industry, AM is used in a wide variety of areas. From the design of individual decorative parts to safety-relevant components. We support this with traceability and customization.

3d-druck hand


COVID-19 demonstrated the fast response potential of additive manufacturing. But masks are just a few of the uses in the medical industry. Many require individual traceability, which is made possible by our software.


R&D and qualitfication

In R&D as well as in the qualification of machines and printjobs, the traceability of components down to their exact position in the build space plays a major role. Our solution supports you precisely here.