Traceability and Identificaton
for Additive Manufacturing

Digital twins function as data nodes in the digital ecosystem of manufacturers, suppliers and customers and are therefore the basis for new data-based business models in Industry 4.0 – additive marking automatically and robustly connects the physical components with your individual digital twin.

Transport and traffic

The transport industry traditionally places very high demands on its components. Each one is rigorously tested and certified until it can be used in passenger transport. Our solution supports this process and accelerates it.


In the automotive industry, AM is used in a wide variety of areas. From the design of individual decorative parts to safety-relevant components. We support this with traceability and customization.


COVID-19 demonstrated the fast response potential of additive manufacturing. But masks are just a few of the uses in the medical industry. Many require individual traceability, which is made possible by our software.

R&D and qualitfication

In R&D as well as in the qualification of machines and printjobs, the traceability of components down to their exact position in the build space plays a major role. Our solution supports you precisely here.

Training & Consulting

We provide suitable training and consulting offers for all aspects of additive manufacturing. Since every customer has individually different prior knowledge and different goals, our training courses are modular. From our basic and specialist modules, you can create a tailor-made program that brings the greatest benefit for your company and your employees.

In order to be able to offer you the greatest added value on specific topics, we regularly hold our training in cooperation with well-known partner organizations. So you can always rely on learning from proven experts in the subject area.



Would you like to expand your production with additive processes or integrate existing processes more into your product life cycle? We are happy to support you in all matters relating to additive manufacturing.



Are you interested in additive manufacturing, are you just discovering it as a new business area for yourself, or do you want to receive specialist training and get to know new topics? Then our training modules are perfect for your company.

Available soon!

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Slide Daimler Evobus Logo EvoBus GmbH is the largest European subsidiary of Daimler AG. With the brands Mercedes-Benz, Setra, OMNIplus and BusStore, it is now a leading full-line provider worldwide.
EvoBus GmbH is the pilot customer for the "Spare Parts" application. Up until Rapid.Tech 2018 in June, we were able to mark numerous components for EvoBus GmbH in preparation for additive manufacturing. The component identification is created directly during production. We look forward to the positive feedback and to an expansion of the cooperation in the future!
Slide R+V Insurance Logo Additive manufacturing processes require an individual analysis and consideration of the insurance coverage. Due to the complexity of the entire digital process chain and the large number of people involved, synchronization with conventional manufacturing processes is not sufficient. The individual component identification enables the traceability and assignment of the physical components and thus also forms a significant pillar of risk minimization for the liability insurer with regard to the product liability and risk coverage of the policyholder.
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