How we work

Additive Marking does not only develop software, but also offers consulting and training services. For this purpose we do not only rely on our expertise, but, depending on the topic, we also work together with well-known partners. With them we adapt the services exactly to the needs of the customers. In order to offer customers maximum flexibility, consulting and training services are divided into individual blocks, the Additive Marking Modules. This enables us to put together a suitable package for each customer.


Our partners


    Entrepreneurship & Vision

    As a young start-up, we want push ahead an already very disruptive industry. Our vision is to help companies to automate their additive manufacturing lines by using our software and to convince companies and partners of the possibilities and benefits of additive manufacturing in general.

    The path to industrial additive manufacturing is not always straight and often not easy to follow, but our expertise and agility will help us and our partners to follow it.

    Security & Trust

    Our customers represent a variety of industries. They often work with sensitive data or have to protect business secrets. For us, security and trust are therefore among the fundamental values of our company philosophy.

    Our computers, servers and databases are located exclusively in data centers in the Federal Republic of Germany. Data is always handled confidentially and is never transferred to third countries or to third parties.

    quality in space

    Quality & Excellence

    Additive manufacturing is no longer only used in prototype construction, private garages and cellars. Even critical applications and high-tech industries are no longer conceivable without this technology. Consequently, components marked with our software can end up anywhere: Satellites, cars, prostheses. These industries often bring with them high security and quality requirements that we and our software have to meet.

    All our customers, regardless of the industry, can therefore rely on us to always strive to deliver outstanding quality.