Training & Consulting

We provide you with a tailored training and consulting portfolio for all aspects of additive manufacturing. Since every customer has his own ideas about such an offer and has different previous knowledge, our trainings are modularly structured. From our basic and specialized modules you can create a customized program that will bring the greatest benefit to your company and your employees.

In order to be able to offer you the greatest added value in specific topics, we regularly hold our training courses together with well-known partner organizations. In this way, you can always rely on learning from proven experts in the field.

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    Are you interested in additive manufacturing, are you just discovering it as a new business area for you or do you want to get further training and learn about new topics? Then our training modules are perfect for your company.


    QM with regard to DIN SPEC 17071

    What does QM look like in the context of DIN SPEC 17071? Which processes and guidelines must be observed?

    Direct markings for AM

    What are the possibilities of direct marking for additive manufacturing? What advantages and risks do they have?

    Process integration of AM

    Is it possible to integrate additive manufacturing into your own series production processes? What potentials result from this?

    DPM for highly optimized components

    Highly optimized components offer little space for markings. How can traceability still be established?

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    Introduction to additive manufacturing

    What manufacturing processes are there? What do applications look like? What are the potentials?

    Analysis of potentials for additive manufacturing

    How can components be identified that have a high AM potential? How can you save with AM?

    Direct Markings in General

    Behind component markings lies an extensive framework of standards and certifications.

    Traceability in the industry

    How does industrial traceability work in general? What are the opportunities and challenges?

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    Do you want to expand your production with additive processes or integrate existing processes more into your product life cycle? We would be pleased to support you in all matters concerning additive manufacturing. Please feel free to contact us.