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As a specialist 3D-printing contract manufacturer for medical prostheses and orthoses, Cure Lab sought a solution to enable the more streamlined and error-free handling of customer orders. Prior to implementing Additive Marking’s Solutions, Cure Lab had no centralised means of managing order requests, with information often incomplete or disparate.

Through application of our Additive Manufacturing Suite (AMS), Cure Lab was able to save significant amounts of time and greatly reduce error rates in the processing of their customer orders.


A combination of Additive Marking’s software modules takes care of Cure Lab’s processing steps from part upload through to shipping – notably our order management module and Serializer.

In collaboration with 3D-Up – an automated design software for 3D modelling orthopedics – we have created a seamless workflow to connect design, order and manufacture. With multiple software interacting in one value chain, enhancing interoperability is crucial for generating value in the digital production processes.   

After the digital design preparation, files from 3D-Up are automatically uploaded to our ordering platform via API. In the following step, specific features can be defined, such as colour, material type, order volume etc. Obligatory fields for customer information must also be filled in, reducing the risk of contact information errors. It is in this step that customers can also choose to have a direct part marking integrated into their finished product, allowing the part to be identified throughout its entire lifecycle. By integrating a machine-readable code – decodable with our DPM Scan Pro technology – customers are able to view specific information relating to their order. This brings numerous benefits, from enabling the quick viewing of order information to the complete lifecycle management of products.

Want to learn more about how our solutions support compliance to the Medical Device Regulation and GS1 Standards? Click Here!

As the order progresses through the different production phases, status updates can be viewed by the customer, reducing the need for back and-forth communication with the manufacturer. Once an order is initiated, packlists as well as necessary shipping documents and postage labels are automatically generated. This reduction of manual steps in Cure Lab’s workflow therefore saves valuable processing time, generating additional value for the end customer through the seamless documentation of their order.

Seamless. Traceable. Efficient.

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