Product Plans

Software Packages

Our product plans are designed to add the greatest value to your business whilst optimizing on cost. Each plan is designed with your business size and needs in mind, with additional features that can be purchased within each package. Please note, these packages are a guideline: quotes are calculated based on specific parameters. Inquire for more information. Don’t need our full software suite? No problem: every module can be integrated into an existing third-party system to enhance its functionality. Get in touch and tell us about your specific needs.

Start Your Traceability Journey With Us!

Enabling traceability of your components can be quite a leap. That’s why we offer an initial FREE readability test, or a formal Proof of Concept phase for our software.

Readability Test - FREE

Unsure about the readability of our codes? Then try it out yourself – for free. Get in touch, and we’ll serialize your parts and provide you with the STLs to print. You can then scan your marked parts via our app for an initial readability test.

Drop us an email at

One of our team will get in touch and discuss what information should be included in your markings

Upload your STLs to the secure location provided.

One of our team will return your marked STLs, and provide instructions for navigating the DPM Scan Pro App.

Print and scan your parts in your own time!

Proof of Concept

For a proof of concept phase, we work with you to produce specimens to test their readability. For Additive Manufacturing, we test your manufacturing process – machine, material, part orientation etc. – to determine the optimal parameters marking readability. This information is then consolidated into a report, which you can then use to inform your part and process design.

For other manufacturing types, such as CNC machining and milling, we can provide alternative methods for testing part readability.