Additive Marking Serializer

Additive Marking Serializer

The Additive Marking Serializer enables the automated serialization of components with different marking specifications to support end-to-end traceability. Our serializer embeds a unique identifier – defined according to parameters defined set by the user –  within each individual part. Once set, the serializer automatically generates the unique markings without any further input from the user; text, image and code-based labels can all be generated by our software, and integrated into your product in a way that is the most suitable for your manufacturing process. 

Additive Manufacturing

If you are serializing components as part of your 3D printing process, our marks can be directly integrated into your part in the build job at no additional cost. These human or machine-readable markings can be printed onto various materials with different topologies. The use of marking templates also ensures reusability of generated labels, enabling you to design company-specific combinations of marks. These can be applied universally across your product portfolio.

CNC Machining, Milling and other manufacturing methods

We offer a range of marking solutions – including laser marking, dot peening and adhesive labels – which can be applied to components of various sizes, materials and shapes. We can also integrate our serialize into your ERP and MES systems to provide additional functionality for rapid part identification, tracking, quality management and certification.

Brand Protection

You can place markings with authenticating features on and below the surface of a component, acting as a watermark to verify a product belongs to a manufacturer’s certified portfolio, protecting it against piracy and counterfeiting. Your product, and your brand, are thus optimally protected against product piracy or counterfeiting.

Unique Marking Generation

All QR-, Matrix-, Maxi- and Barcodes generated through our Suite are robust and machine-readable. They maintain their legibility even after multiple production processing steps. The connectivity of the physical item to its digital twin, stored either within our DLM TrustCenter or the customer’s digital warehouse, means the integration of the Serializer and DPM Scan Pro facilitates the complete lifecycle management of parts, from production through to end of life - and beyond.

Rapid Marking Serialization

Once you have set your label specifications in our Serializer – such as batch number, SKU or other brand-specific mark - our software automatically iterates these labels for each item or batch according to your set parameters.


Dedicated Server


We help you streamline your ordering process to ensure customers receive high quality, customised and traceable products

We can connect price lists, stock and other relevant information via a User Interface to your web-shop. The customer need only input their requirements, either from a pre-set selection or individually, and their quote or order is automatically generated. Naturally, we can also enable connectivity to your CRM, ERP and other digital systems.