DPM Scan Pro Technology

DPM Scan Pro Technology

The uniqueness of our technology is its precision

With our Additive Marking DPM Scan Pro technology, we enable every user to identify components rapidly and accurately; our serializer generates unique product markings which are integrated into the parts – either through Additive Manufacturing, CNC machining and milling – and then read by our DPM Scan Pro technology.

Our technology offers a robust solution for scanning machine-readable codes in low-contrast environments. That makes it the perfect on-site tool for engineers and service technicians to quickly view and manage data for the maintenance of parts. This includes material properties, Quality Assurance certificates, metadata, batch number or other custom input. These features make it the perfect portable solution for spare part management, digital inventory connectivity, and Quality Assurance.

The DPM Scan Pro technology is designed to be compatible with systems used by stakeholders within your organisation and wider production network. Marked parts are scannable at every stage of the product lifecycle, allowing users to utilise all available information about the product to facilitate end-to-end supply chain transparency.

Open Interface

The DPM Scan Pro can be connected to any third-party system. You can use it to view digital twins, retrieve a Digital Product Passport or enable instant part re-ordering by scanning the unique marking on a part’s surface. Once scanned, an item can be sent to print with the exact same parameters time and time again, minimising the risk of production errors. The digital twin of all scanned parts are stored in the digital warehouse (either in the Additive Marking TrustCenter or a third-party system) enabling quick access for all relevant stakeholders.

White-Labelled Software

Our technology can also be connected to your backend system as a white-labelled software, providing additional track-and-trace functionality to enhance your supply chain performance. With your platform and our DPM Scan Pro technology, our systems can synergise to bring extra value to your customer.

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DPM Scan Pro App

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Our DPM Scan Pro mobile application is available on Apple IOS and Windows, and scans via the inbuilt cameras on the device. 

We are also developing a desktop version which functions alongside our high-resolution Scan Box for larger-scale industrial applications.

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For users of the complete Additive Marking Suite, our DPM Scan Pro also offers direct linkage to our TrustCenter, facilitating the management of metadata, status setting and other functions through the mobile application.