DLM TrustCenter

DLM TrustCenter

Service Overview

With potentially thousands of unique markings being created, effectively managing such vast volumes of data is crucial to bringing value to your business.This is where our Digital Lifecycle Management (DLM) TrustCenter comes in. Our TrustCenter offers numerous features to support traceability and automation throughout your production process.

Interfacing with your existing ERP, PLM and MES systems, our DLM TrustCenter enables you to manage the digital twin of your part from the individual component level to the project/build job level. Just some of the functionalities our platform provides are: digital inventory management; processing step documentation (in compliance to ISO 9001); status information setting; generation of additional labels; and part data management (including material specification, quality assurance reports, etc.).

Paperless Workflows

Our DLM TrustCenter digitizes workflows by removing the need for paper documentation such as route cards. Arbitrary documents such as PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents etc., can also be attached to components in the DLM TrustCenter to provide additional information about the item‘s characteristics and process parameters.

Quality Assurance

If components and processes are subject to certain quality, safety or environmental standards, qualification certificates can be connected to the digital twin via our DLM TrustCenter. Additive Marking also offer qualification of processes, materials, machines and suppliers against numerous industry standards.

Multi-Stakeholder Access

The DLM Trust Center acts as central point of control across the Serializer and DPM Scan Pro. This interconnectivity helps ensure workflows are gapless and secure. Moreover, centralised reporting helps overcome data silos within organisations, allowing greater communication between departments and supporting the continuous improvement processes.

Digital Product Passport (DPP)

data including part certification, machine ID, factory location, batch number etc. can be exported/viewed as a PDF from our DLM TrustCenter throughout the product lifecycle. This is particularly relevant for manufacturers in regulated industries, as it provides a log of processing steps which can confirm a part‘s authenticity to the customer. For those in unregulated industries, the DPP provides additional value-adding potential through increased supply chain transparency.