Inventory Management

Digital Inventory Management

Digital Warehousing

Whether its allocating warehouse stock (such as creating paperless routecards) or integrating digital labels into your parts for tracking from production through to Point-of-Sale (POS), we offer multiple solutions for digitally managing your inventory. We also provide a dynamic digital library and a separate TrustCenter, where you can store everything from arbitrary product data to performance metrics (including log files, g-code, PDFs, STLs etc.) and which directly interfaces with your ERP.

Digitize Your Inventory - Bringing in Additive Manufacturing

We can provide both software and consultancy to help you develop the optimal use case for bringing 3D printing technology into your workflow. Additive Manufacturing brings numerous benefits to supply chain management, including reducing Minimum Order Quantities and Lot Sizes whilst making production more economical. It is the perfect tool for optimising your inventory management and improving your company’s responsiveness to fluctuating demand. Moreover, the viability of producing even small batches of components revolutionises spare parts production, helping you increase the longevity of your existing products.