Unique Identification & Marking

Unique Identification & Marking

Assign a unique marking to every component and optimise your digital and physical workflows

Connectivity Across Your Entire Supply Chain

Through the software modules in our Additive Marking Suite, we establish a direct connection between the part and its digital twin. We help you generate, physically embed and digitally connect part markings for every component. This linkage allows all selected stakeholders, including internal departments, suppliers and customers, to identify the part throughout its lifecycle.

Physical Labels, Digital Fingerprints

With integrated, machine-readable codes, information about every processing step in the part's production is accessible by relevant stakeholders. Not only does this ensure complete workflow transparency, but it also reduces the error rate of mis-identifying units during production and shipping; inventory management is therefore optimised though the integration of direct part markings. Our codes maintain their readability across a variety of materials and against many different colours, thus our technology stands out against scanning solutions requiring high contrast environments.

A Solution for All Manufacturing Methods

Of course, our marking technology is not confined only to 3D printing. For conventional manufacturing types, such as CNC machining or milling, the marking process can be adapted to best suit your needs. Dot peening, laser marking and adhesive labels can all provide equally readable codes. Check out our video below for how dot peening can bring our markings to your products: