Digital Inventory Management – Your New Pathway To The Warehouse Of The Future

Digital Inventory Management

Picture of a warehouse

Digital Inventory Management

Picture of a warehouse

What is Digital Inventory?

Digital inventories, which refer to the storing of CAD files of parts in a “Digital Warehouse”, offer manufacturers a space-efficient way to store products. This method is gaining popularity due to its cost and efficiency benefits, and its application extends beyond Additive Manufacturing. It can enhance productivity, operational effectiveness, and competitive advantage.

Digitise Your Inventory

We provide both software and consultancy to help you transform your physical parts into Digital Inventory. Whether you want to produce parts through Additive Manufacturing or simply create digital twins of the products in your portfolio, developing a digital inventory brings numerous benefits to your overall supply chain management - including improving your company’s responsiveness to fluctuating demand or supply chain disruption.

Reverse Engineering and Design for Additive Manufacturing

As digitisation and Additive Manufacturing become more prevalent, optimising designs and creating digital twins of components are crucial. We offer services to digitise your physical parts or redesign them for Additive Manufacturing. You can provide us with a physical part for reverse engineering into a digital model, or technical drawings for creating an optimised digital twin. We also offer training sessions to help identify parts best suited for Additive Manufacturing.

A part with its technical drawing and in another window: the part's 3d modell

Digital Warehouse Management

All inventory needs to be stored in a warehouse: that's why we support you in managing your digital inventory and - for smaller customers - provide a location to store your digital part files. Our TrustCenter allows you to store everything from arbitrary product data to performance metrics (including log files, g-code, PDFs, STLs etc.) and which directly interfaces with your ERP.

Additionally, we offer marking and scanning solutions for physical inventory management, including stock allocation and digital label integration for tracking from production to Point-of-Sale (POS), enhancing inventory traceability.

Picture of a warehouse drawn to appear digital