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In FOCUS: macu4 – 3D Printing and Traceability in Orthopedics

This week for our blog, we are putting a spotlight on one of first customers: macu4!
Specialising in the development of orthopedics for people with missing hands, macu4 uses the Additive Marking Suite to optimise their 3D printing workflow. Via our software, macu4 are able to mark their components in accordance to the European Medical Device Regulation (MDR); automatically generate labels and packing lists; and integrate documents to accompany customer orders.

But don’t take our word for it; we interviewed macu4 CEO and Co-Founder Myriam Lingg to hear her views on the Additive Marking Suite.

What does macu4 do and who are your customers?

Macu4 develops clever concepts for orthopaedic aids for people with missing hands (e.g. amputees) or missing grip function (e.g. arthritis). About 70% of these people are excluded from important daily or sporting activities because current aids are too expensive, cause inconvenience, and do not function satisfactorily. Macu4 solves these problems through two concepts, each combining a 3D-printed product system with a data-driven approach to measurement and online configuration. The added value spans the entire value chain, reducing costs by up to 75% while providing an extremely comfortable and functional solution. Concept 1 is a forearm prosthesis and Concept 2 is a highly modular hand orthoprosthesis. The goal of macu4 is to develop a sustainable and profitable brand in the coming years.

Where does the Additive Marking Suite come into your workflow?

The Additive Marking Suite is an integral part of our workflow. It allows us to efficiently manage and organize the marking of our 3D files, ensuring that we can quickly access and utilize them. The Additive Marking Suite streamlines our processes and helps us to deliver high-quality results to our clients. We value the service Additive Marking provide and appreciate the impact it has on our business.

How has the Additive Marking Suite added value to macu4?

Not only do you mark all our files, but you also provide us with the labels we are legally obliged to put on the packaging of our medical products. The fact that those, together with a report, are automatically placed where we need them has had the greatest impact on our workflow, improved efficiency, and helped us to achieve our business goals.

What are your ambitions for the coming years at macu4?

We will continue our mission to make the world an inclusive playground. The next big leap will be the marked launch of our LYNK system which enhances the capabilities of people with impaired hand functionality.  

If you would like to read more about macu4’s use of the Additive Marking Suite, visit our Case Study page here.