3D-printed prothetic hadn module by macu4


Macu4 specialise in the production of forearm prostheses for outdoor activities; customers upload their measurements and order bespoke, 3D printed parts for a variety of different functions. Subsequently, each unique customer part needs to display compliance with the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) as well as a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) for quality assurance purposes. For this, each component must to be traceable back to its batch, therefore details such as batch number, size and date of production should be readily available to relevant stakeholders.


Through application of our Serializer, Macu4 were able to apply direct part markings to their components, helping to reduce some of the bureaucratic challenges associated with certifying part quality. In addition, we provided solutions to support Macu4 with digital inventory management, helping simplify and automate ordering processes. 

The application of our backend Serializer with an additional User Interface element for order management allowed Macu4 to improve traceability across their entire workflow. As a result,  greater production efficiencies were achieved and customers were assured that their parts complied to quality standards.


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