SOLIZE Corporation provides 3D printing engineering services for prototypes and end-use parts in the automotive industry. The company supplies parts to Toyota and Nissan Motor Corporations, bringing the benefits of Additive Manufacturing to the automotive industry in the form of shorter lead times, reduced material costs and greater production flexibility.


As an automotive contract manufacturer, SOLIZE saw end-to-end traceability as a means to enhance their Additive Manufacturing production process. They also sought a holistic solution which would allow them to store digital part files and monitor the various stages of manufacturing to enable greater efficiency and transparency.


Machine-readable markings were integrated into SOLIZE’s components during the manufacturing process; from this point, every stage of the part’s manufacturing process could be documented and made digitally available. Through our marking solutions, SOLIZE has made significant strides in streamlining their workflow and increasing customer confidence.

In conjunction with our DPM Scan Pro and machine-readable part markings, defective components could be digitally traced back to the original build job, where item-specific documentation could be viewed for the quick identification of fault-causing parameters. Such seamless traceability therefore meant that faulty equipment and batches could be quickly identified and problems resolved, reducing downtime for product recalls. 

SOLIZE were further able to optimise their workflow by integrating elements of the AMS into their MES: part-specific information inputted into the system, such as machine number, production status and other component-specific parameters supported dynamic routing and improved process efficiency, reducing production duration.

Overall, being able to manage quality down to the individual part level has allowed SOLIZE to better manage their liability and de-risk their production processes, benefitting both the company and their customers.Through application of the Additive Marking Suite (AMS) (Serializer, Trust Center and DPM Scan Pro technology), SOLIZE were able to bring numerous benefits to their workflow.

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