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Replique -a subsidiary of BASF and an End-to-End Digital Inventory Platform for 3D printing- wanted to incorporate traceability into their digital solutions as a unique selling point. Transparent production for quality assurance was a requirement for some of Replique’s customers, particularly those within the railway industry, where certified products would need to be rapidly re-ordered on-demand. Consequently, the need arose to integrate a visible marking into Replique’s 3D printed parts: each marking needed to show a part complied with quality standards as well as connect to Replique’s database. The aim was to allow customers to view the digital twin of each component and view individual part details.


Through a synergy between our Serializer and DPM Scan Pro technology, Replique was able to increase the value of its software solution by providing complete end-to-end part traceability. Customers would recieve compliant and uniquely identifiable parts for whatever application they intended, minimising time-wasting tasks such as manually documenting part numbers or navigating complicated reordering processes. So how did the process work?

Similar to our CO-AM integration, our Serializer was connected to the back end of Replique’s platform to enable the automatic generation of unique part markings. A User Interface (UI) was also included in our offering to allow customers to select if, and where, they wanted the unique marking situated on the part. This ensured every marking could be prepared for best readability by our DPM Scan Pro technology.

Once integrated into the completed part, our codes were scanned by the customer and detailed part information could be viewed on Replique’s platform, including certification of standard compliance, material composition, build job number and other key data for enabling complete production transparency. Additionally, static GS1 codes were also integrated into parts allowing instant readability by users working with the physical part in the field.

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