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REPLIQUE Challenges Replique -a subsidiary of BASF and an End-to-End Digital Inventory Platform for 3D printing- wanted to incorporate traceability into their digital solutions as a unique selling point. Transparent production for quality assurance was a requirement for some of Replique’s customers, particularly those within the railway industry, where certified products would need to be rapidly re-ordered on-demand. Consequently, the …

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PARTBOX Challenges As an on-demand, part-streaming service, PARTBOX has a digital warehouse of qualified components for application in the packaging industry; customers can stream parts to their PARTBOX printer as and when they need it, replacing the need to hold physical inventory. Additionally, PARTBOX components have customisable features which can be adapted to suit customers’ needs, providing more flexibility than …

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A screenshot of the CO-AM platform

Materialise CO-AM

Materialise CO-AM Function The Materialise CO-AM platform is an industry leading order entry and shipping software for 3D printed parts production. Customers can use the portal to manage their additive manufacturing workflow, whether it is in-house, outsourced or a hybrid production strategy. The CO-AM platform offers users a variety of module add-ons to integrate different features into the 3D …

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Böllhoff Challenges As a leader in joining solutions, Böllhoff group develop high quality fixtures – such screws, fasteners and assembly systems – for a variety of industries, including aerospace, energy and automotive. Additive Marking was brought in to consult on how to develop End-to-End traceability in the production of spindles for their helicoils. Components that were smaller in diameter and …

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3D-printed tensile specimen


TÜV NORD Challenges TÜV NORD are a globally recognised certification provider offering accredited testing solutions for numerous Advanced Manufacturing processes. TÜV NORD are a valuable Additive Marking partner and together have jointly established the iAM-APPROVED-platform, a digital laboratory where customers can order testing and inspection services for their Additive Manufacturing processes according to DIN EN ISO/ASTM 52920 industrial certifications. To minimise …

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Solize SOLIZE Corporation provides 3D printing engineering services for prototypes and end-use parts in the automotive industry. The company supplies parts to Toyota and Nissan Motor Corporations, bringing the benefits of Additive Manufacturing to the automotive industry in the form of reduced lead times, reduced material costs and greater production flexibility. Challenges As a contract manufacturer, SOLIZE saw End-to-End traceability as a value adding …

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3D-printed prothetic hadn module by macu4


Macu4 Challenges Macu4 specialise in the production of forearm prostheses for outdoor activities; customers upload their measurements and order bespoke, 3D printed parts for a variety of different functions. Subsequently, each unique customer part needs to display compliance with the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) as well as a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) for quality assurance purposes. For this, each …

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CureLab Challenges As a highly specialised contract manufacturer for medical prostheses and orthoses, CureLab sought to streamline their customer order processing and enable End-to-End traceability of their 3D printed medical devices. Through application of the complete Additive Manufacturing Suite (AMS), CureLab was able to make significant gains in their order management and production processes. Solution By providing an API between …

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